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lolbrarians's Journal

Post some fucking cataloguers!
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This r srs community. You know the rules.

[Halp! WTF is all this about?]
000, 666, aaaahhhh, aacr2, aclu, ala, authority controlz, bliss, bodleian, books, buns, cardigans, cat macros, cataloguers, cataloguing, cataloling, cats, checking out, colon, dewey, dewey decimal system, eats shoots and lolz, finez, furbrization, gushy 641, horn-rims, hybrid libraries, im in ur community, imma charging you finez, impact 72pt, information, informations, internets, large print, liberrys, librarians, libraries, library of congress, library science, lol we said congress!, lulz, microfiche, moar books, my eyes, my glasses, nice stacks, no cheezburgers on books, omgz39.50, practical memetics, reading, science of a library, semicolon, spelling lol_bees, ssh!, ssssshhhhoop da woop, stacks, too cool for liberryschool, wtf?